In 1971, he married his old childhood sweetheart, Martha Hannah.

She had lost touch with him during the war and married. When that marriage ended – and when she learned Allbright was back in Buford “our love came back,” Mrs. Allbright said.

She was his biggest fan and his best booster, the custodian of the old photograph albums, concert advertisements and other memorabilia of her husband’s career until she passed away in 2004.

When asked a series of My Favorites questions, here’s what he had to say:

• Of the 5 steel he has owned, his favorite is his current ShoBud Super Pro.
• His favorite song to play on steel is the beautiful Hawaiian song, Sand, written by Andy Iona.
• His favorite song to hear someone else play on steel is, I Laughed When I think How I Cried Over You.
• His favorite all-time steel players are Jerry Byrd and John Hughey.

It was a pleasure to present the 2008 GaSGA Legend Award to Richard “Sunny” Allbright.

Special thanks to Richard’s daughter and son, Sherry Krotz and Rick Allbright for their wonderful contributions of photographs and history.

(Segments of this bio taken from Daily News – 1989, written by Tharon A. Giddens)

Richard Allbright with Jim and Jesse McReynolds.
Deep in the mountains of southwest Virginia still stands the white aging farmhouse Jim & Jesse first called home. Raised in the small community of Carfax, located near Coeburn, VA, the boys grew up in a family steeped in traditional mountain music. This background made it natural for them to follow in the footsteps of their grandfather Charlie McReynolds, who was one of the first to record for RCA in Bristol, VA in 1927. . .
more on Jim and Jesse
Legend Member
Richard 'Sunny' Allbright

Mac Atchenson, Herb Remington & Rick Allbright
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