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Charlie Stephens

A Southern boy from Atlanta, Georgia, Charlie Stephens began playing music at an early age. His first job took him on the road with Harpo Kidwell (WSB Barn Dance).

Charlie later moved to Houston, Texas, where he worked for several years in the printing business. Retirement brought him back to his birth city of Atlanta, Georgia. Music and friends alike awaited his return, and he spent those retirement years doing just what he loved! He played some with Albert Coleman & Atlanta Pops Orchestra, and was also very active in his church.

For six years, Charlie was part of Scotty’s sound/video crew for the International Steel Guitar Convention along with Bill Ferguson and Wayne Stowers. Many special memories were made on those long drives from Atlanta to St. Louis, Missouri. Bill recalls the on-going joke about Charlie wanting to be in charge on the trip, but he and Wayne would only let Charlie take control when they stopped at the White House Rest Area in Paducah, Kentucky. On what would have been Charlie’s seventh St. Louis trip with his sound-crew buddies, Bill and Wayne gave Charlie’s finger picks a special burial at the White House Rest Area in Paducah, Kentucky, where Charlie Stephens will always be in control.








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